A narrow novelty foreign font. Asian styled and good for oriental or Chinese themes.




The project of freeware fonts is created by designers who have drawn, and after have allowed to extend the fonts free of charge. Everyone can take part in the given project. For this purpose it is enough to draw a font in any vector editor in uniform scale, then to send this file to me. If you have any questions, write.

If you liked the fonts that designers create within the project of freeware fonts, then you can take part with your money in the charity event «ON your heart», which I realize. To do this, send a remittance to the Yandex. Money account 41001412092310 or email jovannylemonad@yandex.ru, under «Payment» enter the word «Donate». I have also exists Webmoney account, funds can be transferred to purses Z318587104680 or R164161551014. The desire to help is completely voluntary and, if the desire to help, anonymous. The amount for assistance may be any, at your discretion. In turn, I guarantee that none of the ruble will not be lost and spent in some other way.