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A thin narrow stencil font. Also comes in a grungy variation.


George Triantafyllakos - Backpacker


BP fonts are available in TrueType (for PC and MacOS X) and OpenType (platform independent) format, supporting a number of typographic features. They were created using Fontlab™ Studio 5 in a Windows 2000 platform, and have been tested under Windows 2000, Windows XP and MacOS X 10.4

You can download and use most of the fonts, under a Creative Commons License. The only thing, kindly requested from you, is to refer to this source, whenever a commercial use is intended. Altering the fonts in any way is prohibited. Some of the fonts are available from Cannibal™ fonts.

Some of them (especially the scanned fonts in the Handwritten category) are pretty rough. So, have in mind that they will not work (aesthetically that is) in all projects. I am not responsible for any aesthetic misuse of the fonts. Feel free though to send an e-mail, showing me how you used them.

Enjoy 🙂

p.s.1. BPfonts ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND AND NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES. The previous statement is not a legal statement – it’s just a statement. The fonts have been tested under Windows 2000, Windows XP and MacOS X 10.4 as previously stated. There is no warranty for use in other operating systems. So, please, use responsibly.

p.s.2. You may see that certain fonts resemble to existing, well-known fonts (e.g. BPletterSquares was inspired by Kevin Larson’s work on word recognition, BPneon resembles CAOU by Paris Koutsikos, available from Cannibal&trade fonts, while BPpong resembles Jigsaw by Johanna Balusikova, available from Typotheque™). I am aware of that and I assure you that I had no intention to copy these fonts and present them as my designs. They are just forms easy to work with in order to learn the available font tools. I do not in any way claim that my designs are unique and novel.)

/// Please read the Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) before using any font (except BPreplay – see below) ///